How to deal with difficult life situations?

How to deal with difficult life situations?

Why is any difficulty a window to new possibilities?

Each of us has difficulties in life, from quarrelling with loved ones to financial difficulties. There are however more serious problems, such as serious diseases, cheating, depression. Zhannabelle tells us how to cope with temporary difficulties.

Punching above one’s weight

Amazing paradox: each of us repeatedly goes through difficult life stages, but they do not teach us to cope with them. Neither at school nor at university is there a subject “Overcoming a Crisis” or “Way out of the difficult life circumstances.” Meanwhile, they appear out of a clear sky, often literally catching us flatfooted.

But the good news is that you can learn how to do it. This is what Zhannabelle teaches. She conducts classes around the world precisely so that thousands of women could become happy, change their destiny, live in love and well-being, could find their calling.

Zhannabelle says that new opportunities always come under the mask of difficulties. Troubles only temper us, make us stronger and become a step towards new achievements. It is unbelievable, really, because in trouble we lose health, money, mental and physical strength. Zhannabelle believes that all this is temporary and necessary for the overall balance. 

Higher forces test us no more than a particular person can handle. Remember this phrase!

With the help of a prayer

What do we do not do anything stupid? Should we face difficulties bravely? Pray! There is such an energy law of the Universe. Whatever happens, remember that a similar situation has happened in the lives of a few more people in hundreds or even thousands of kilometers from you. People on other continents experience the same fears of dangerous illness, the pain of unfaithfulness, sadness and longing from loneliness.

Unite! Take part in our meditation and worldwide prayer. Pray for people who are in the same situation as you. Ask the Higher Powers for soul mates for the lonely or health for those who are fighting a serious illness.

Literally very soon you will feel the strongest burst of energy. After all, praying only for you gives a little, and asking for help for others increases this energy manifold. It returns to you in the form of good deeds from others, sudden help, good health.

This is how God gives you a lot of energy and a part of His power. Because God is always compassion, help and ocean of love. Higher powers help those who know how to love and show sincere compassion for others. 

Zhannabelle always recommends praying for others. In this way you will help the important cosmic law materialize. Increase your power through helping others. You yourself will be surprised how easy it will be for you to deal with difficulties. 

Amulet as a protector

Some people have trouble praying. Others are sure that they don’t know enough or have power to pray for others. Special Objects of Power help in this situation. These are individual amulets that help unlock the energy of the heart center (the love zone). That is why they are worn at the heart level.

When such an amulet starts helping its owner, obstacles disappear.  

Circumstances start playing for your own good, and suddenly come the people who help you solve your problems.

Elsa, Munich:

“Once at one of the seminars, Zhannabelle said that obstacles help us become stronger and more successful. I smiled inwardly and didn’t believe it then. My uncle had been drinking after his wife and child died in a car accident. A friend of mine could not open a new business after becoming a bankrupt. She gave up and got depressed. 

I’ve seen people break down from misery instead of getting stronger…

An event changed my mind. Once at work, my boss gave me a complicated project, and it had to be completed as soon as possible. I was terrified. I knew that I wouldn’t have enough knowledge. I was already ready to give it up at my own risk. But my boss threatened me that he would deprive me of a bonus. And I needed that money very much, because I was going to retreat to the Place of Power with Zhannabelle and her group. 

What did I have to do? I had to remember Zhannabelle’s lessons. I decided to do a serious energy practice right at my workplace. The burst of energy didn’t keep me waiting. 

I took up the project with such enthusiasm and passion that it was completed even earlier than deadline.

My boss was so thrilled that he immediately offered me a promotion. And it wasn’t a hot word. It turned out he had been observing me as a specialist for a long time. And it was just a crucial task. Now I’m his right-hand man and I still can’t believe such a dizzying career progress!

Attend Zhannabelle’s seminars to get unique knowledge, a special protective amulet, to perform sacral practices. She will help you to overcome all the difficulties on your life path. Never give up and remember that you were born to be happy!