Why is it important for women to go on a shamanic tour

Why is it important for women to go on a shamanic tour

Zhannabelle talks on the secret purpose of the trip

The spirits of ancestors do not often reveal their presence to a person. They express their intentions very rarely. It is important that each person would be able to address them. However, only the people chosen by the spirits, that is shamans, can get contact with them. It is in October 2020 that the strongest Powers will open for you. For this purpose, women can unite and perform a magical ritual in Montenegro. After the ritual human suffering will stop and your lineage will always be under the reliable protection of spirits.

Shamanic Tour is a chance to gain integrity

It seems that we know everything about life. Every person has to face envy; someone’s life is full of negativity and quarrels. But there is no one among us who can get real experience how to fight it. You know, fighting the world is like throwing stones at the reflection of the moon in the water. Of course, we have to fight, but not against people and events, because all this is reflected in us.

Skill to love is the highest skill that exists on earth. Learn to love everyone, even your enemies!

We should understand that our main enemy is inside each of us, that’s why we are not able to defeat ourselves. Many women think how to get out of the trap of modern society? The answer is simple: first, you must radically change your perception of reality. According to Zhannabelle, you can change your consciousness if you perform a ritual while going on a shamanic journey. This will allow us to look at the world and our environment from a different angle, as well as get rid of spiritual and physical diseases. 

Some people do practices, others follow the path of spiritual healing. However, modern women and men do not have a propensity for this way of life. So they need something else. And this really exists… This is a unique shamanic experience – a tour to Montenegro to perform a ritual. There you will have the opportunity to experience incredible feelings by visiting a sacred place full of mysteries.  

Gabriella, Philadelphia

I probably belong to that category of people who are always interested in financial well-being. It is just I was always interested to find answer to the question: why money “floats” to some people, and I always scrape a living and barely have enough money from salary to salary. Such questions tormented me oftener and oftener. How can I become a financially secure person? Of course, I shouldn’t focus on money alone and dream of large sums in my purse, looking miserably at foreign cars passing by my window. 

After such thoughts, I decided to change my life at all costs. My friend recommended me to contact Zhannabelle. I do not regret in any way that I took the first step towards success. On Zhannabelle’s advice, I performed the ritual that opened my source of energy to manage situations and good luck. All is well in my life. My business is developing, and I became a successful woman!

How group activities change your life for the better

What awaits us during the shamanic journey

We will pray for all creations, for a happy life of all humanity without diseases and wars in the shamanic tour. It is necessary to pray for the salvation of absolutely all creatures of the planet, because the Gods prayed for all of us. Believe us, the stronger power of love we will be able to awaken in us, the more large-scale changes will occur in every house, every family.

Pray and remember: live consciously, respect your ancestors, and love your loved ones!

This is a real adventure in a sacred place during which every woman will be accompanied and trained by Zhannabelle. If you stay close to her, the destiny of yours and your entire lineage is changing for the better. Spiritual path, which will help you to open up and reveal your talents, is awakened in this journey to an amazing land.

Who and what kind of help the shamanic ritual will give:

  • to all those who sincerely want to heal the body and subconscious, as well as to free from the load of the past, starting their lives with a clean sheet;
  • those women who have problems on the basis of love relations, who have survived tragic break ups;
  • to those  who are emotionally attached to their former partners. 

The shamanic tour to Montenegro will give a woman an invaluable experience, she will find a “clear mind” and a strong desire to develop her abilities. This is the most effective tool, even more, a real magical kick for anyone who wants to follow spiritual path and strive for a better life for their entire lineage

It is enough to take one step to get closer to your dream. There is no need to be afraid of difficulties. They will disappear as soon as you want them to!

You will also be doing group ceremonies after which you will be endowed with the gift of communication with people, you will be able to get on the right side of anyone. It will be easy for you to communicate with colleagues at work, family and friends. Every woman will reveal her Divine personality.

Since ancient times, women have been doing the ritual with the help of which they received good luck for all of their lineage and a hundred future generations. You will attract only good people. You will open the way to abundance and wealth. 

You will need objects of power to make the rituals effective!! These are amulets that protect you from negativity, conflict situations, diseases and envy. Endowed with power and charged with Zhannabelle’s energy, they help in affairs and love. Your home and family will always be under strong energy protection.

Why is it important for women to go on a shamanic tour

Natalia, Toulouse

I began to notice that I am eaten by daily routine over the years. I don’t want anything. I don’t see anything except work and household chores. Though I am a talented person, I used to do art painting. I was always admired by great people going to their goal.  When I learned about retreat with Zhannabelle, I decided to try it. These are really unique techniques. 

In the retreat, you do not change the scenery, but get rid of them completely. I received a huge charge of energy from communication with Zhannabelle and women like me. The right retreat program, clean air and communication with myself, all this helped me. I started developing spiritually. There were changes in my personal life, I met my other half. Happiness and love reign in our home! 

Retreat is not a vacation or rest. It is about self-work, overcoming your everyday attitudes and getting rid of familiar patterns, it is the way to a successful life.

Practice from Zhannabelle, which can be done by any woman, is also important. Take 3 tbsp of salt, 3 kids of essential oils. You can choose exactly the one you like most. Then, take 2 drops of one essential oil and say: “for love» and drop them in the bath, then take 2 drops of the second essential oil and say «for health», and say «for material well-being» when dropping the third essential oil in your bath. You need 2 drops of each oil drip in the water. Then add the salt and take a bath. You may turn on the music of transformation. 

After this procedure, go out of the bathroom and look in the mirror, saying the words: The Power of Aphrodite lives in me. If you have the shell amulet, ask for the highest blessing. After all, the shell looks like a woman, because it does not open to everyone, it is mysterious and mystical. It is very important to do this. 

It is necessary to perform individual practices with Zhannabelle to prepare for the tour of Power. Remember, the world is one, and it belongs to everyone. All – spirits and people – are responsible for its preservation and prosperity! Therefore, Zhannabelle is waiting for women at her seminars. You can sign up for a consultation or online meeting. Every woman deserves a better life!